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A Smashing Pair of Cufflinks for Mom

Thursday, August 29th, 2013

Who says that the fellas get to have all the fun? Cufflinksman introduces a select line of cufflinks for women that will remind consumers that it is good to be a girl! Adorable and stylish accents in motifs that will register with the female population; ladies cufflinks present the option to accessorize and accent business casual and formal attire, adorning each cuff with a hint of sophistication.


Women’s Black High Hill Shoe Cufflinks

Some of the women’s cufflinks available include the timeless sex-symbol: the black stiletto heel. These Black High Hill Shoe Cufflinks for women are graced with the same convenient wear that the men are accustomed to with torpedo-style closure and handcrafted Silver-plated Rhodium finish. The black liqueur of each tiny shoe glimmers against the high-sheen of the polished silver setting. Tiny sparkling crystals accentuate each heel, exuding glamor and a vintage style to the world.

Red Glass Shoes Cufflinks

Red Glass Shoes Cufflinks

The Red Glass Shoes Cufflinks are an exemplary pair of unique ladies cufflinks that will add just a touch of ruby red to the cuff, seamlessly accenting apparel for any occasion or event. The torpedo-style backing is securely attached to each silver filigree shoe, with insoles accented in glossy red enamel. These women’s cufflinks are delicate and detailed, perfect for the wearer who is new to accessorizing or who wants to make a fun and sassy impression.


Pin Up Girl Cufflinks

Some ladies cufflinks are also a popular favorite among the men also. Take for instance the vintage-styled Pin Up Girl Cufflinks from Cufflinksman. The silver plated silhouette of the curvacious bombshell will delight and engage, while sparking confidence and swagger in the men and women wearing them. The popular bullet-style back secures during wear, keeping each cufflink intact and in place.

Light Violet Butterfly Cufflinks

          Light Violet Butterfly Cufflinks

4 Things You MUST Do This Spring

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012


Things to DO now that Spring is finally here.

Four things to brighten your spring, enliven your cultural step, and add a little fashion to your fabric.

Tateossian Animal Gecko Cufflinks

Take this little Animal Gecko Cufflink as inspiration–make sure to get out in nature at least once a week. This can be a simple stroll in the park, bird watching, short hikes, nature trails, or spending time in your backyard or fire escape lounging. If it’s a fire escape, though, please, watch out for the gaps. Vitamin D is something most Americans are lacking and it’s been linked to many physical and emotional ailments (specifically depression) so make sure you get your daily allotted 15 minutes of sun exposure. If this is impossible, take a daily vitamin. Take the kids to the zoo, see the animals, take a short drive over to the beach or lake….enjoy what mother Nature has to offer.

Tateossian Turtle Cufflinks

Take these Tateossian Turtle Cufflinks little with you for good luck, a bright spring color, and a whimsical reminder of the simpler things in life.

Take a road trip…preferably Jack Kerouac style, but we can’t all hitchhike our way West (or East). This means, letting it all go, packing ONE bag, filling up the tank, and just going. Stop at diners, visit local monuments, spend the night at camp grounds (preferably with showers). This Freeway Green Tateossian Cufflink reminds us of the importance of the open road, the vivid colors of nature, and the sleek austerity of the speeding, moving vehicle. Tateossian designed this cufflink with exactly that in mind.

Tateossian Freeway Green Cufflinks

And while you’re doing all this nature walking and bi-coastal traveling, make sure you bring a compass. Mapquest isn’t accessible everywhere and you may find yourself without wifi or a printer handy. (That’s the point, right?) if you really want to go old school, and have trouble navigating by the stars alone, try this functional Tateossian Compass Cufflink.

Tateossian Compass Rhodium Cufflinks
Visit a museum. If you are blessed enough to live in a Metropolis, take heed of all the art events taking place around your city. In NYC for example, there is an amazing Stein Collection on exhibit until June 3rd, 2012, featuring some never-before-seen-together Matisse, Picasso, Renoir, and others’ paintings. The collection is one of a kind and a must see. Similarly, at the 42nd Street Library there’s a famous Shelley Exhibit, honoring the life of the rogue/poet/lover/revolutionary Percy Shelley. Whatever it is…go to a museum this spring, preferably on a rainy day, and take in the beauty of Modern Art and public exhibits (normally free!)

Tateossian Traforato Blue Pebble Cufflinks

Secondly create something yourself. If you’re not an artist, or have absolutely no flair for artistic creation, think of your wardrobe as assembling a masterpiece–carefully select everything “beautiful” from your socks to your cuffs. You will then be a walking Renoir, but since he rarely painted men, you probably won’t have all the curves.

Cufflinks for the college guy

Thursday, September 15th, 2011

The average college wardrobe usually consists of jeans, a t-shirt or sweatshirt and a worn baseball cap. Rarely does the college guy have to get dressed up for anything. (And the word “cufflinks” isn’t part of any college guy’s vocabulary.) But, on certain rare occasions (especially at some swanky Ivy League schools), even college guys have to get dressed up every once and a while. If you’re in college and you need to find a pair of cufflinks to go with your once-in-every-blue-moon formal ensemble, then you’ve come to the right place. We have a variety of Ivy League Striped Cufflinks to choose from.

Repp stripes are often used in private school uniforms, which makes Striped Cufflinks the perfect accessory for college guys. You can easily match Striped Cufflinks to your school’s colors and pull off a preppy formal look in no time at all. For example, if your school’s colors are black and red then you can’t go wrong with these Cufflinks. You can even continue to wear Striped Cufflinks even after you graduate from college and head out into the real world. They are just as stylish for polished college graduates as they are for unkempt college guys. You don’t have to bother with any research or homework when it comes to finding college-appropriate cufflinks. We have everything you are looking for. So the next time you have to get dressed up for school or a class presentation, make sure you are prepared!

Recent earthquakes keep firemen on their toes

Monday, September 5th, 2011

In the span of 24 hours, there were two sizable earthquakes in the United States. First, there was one in southern Colorado that shook the ground in throughout Denver and surrounding cities. Then, to the surprise of many, an earthquake happened in Virginia. While earthquakes are quite common in California and other western states, many people were shocked by the fact that there was an earthquake on the east coast. But it’s not the first time that there was an earthquake in the great state of Virginia. The last one happened over a century ago. Does that mean that more earthquakes are on their way in the next couple of days? No one knows for sure, but that is exactly the reason why so many firemen on their toes. Firemen are brave individuals, because they rush into dangerous situations without thinking of their own safety. Their primary goal is to help others. Firemen don’t sit in a cushy office all day, wearing a fancy tie and shiny pair of cufflinks.

Fireman Insignia Cufflinks


They sit waiting for the call to action, which requires a great deal of courage. But firemen have to get dressed up now and again, especially for formal affairs and award ceremonies. If you are a fireman or you have a friend who is a fireman, why not purchase a pair of firemen cufflinks? We have a few pairs of Firemen Department Cufflinks for you to choose from, including these classic Fireman Insignia Cufflinks. We only wish we could say they were fireproof.

The color purple

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

What is it about the color purple? So many celebrities wear purple these days. Rap superstar Lil’ Wayne has been known to wear the color purple on numerous occasions, and young popstar Justin Bieber has somehow made wearing purple “cool” for teenage boys everywhere. The bottom line is that purple is popular, and that’s why you should invest in a pair of purple cufflinks. Fashion trends are cyclical and before you know it, orange might be the next color of choice. But in the meantime, it seems that purple is the frontrunner. If you don’t own any purple clothes or accessories, then what are you waiting for? We have plenty of Purple Cufflinks to choose from, all you have to do is take a look at our selection and pick out a few pairs.

Purple Locked Squares Cufflinks

For example, these Purple Locked Squares Cufflinks are perfect because the design is modern and there are different shades of purple throughout. This gives you the flexibility to match these cufflinks with a variety of purple ties or button-down shirts. (Flexibility in fashion is what separates the men from the boys.) Embrace the color purple and use it to enhance your sense of style as well as your wardrobe. A little color here or there can go along way. With a few pairs of purple cufflinks in your collection, you’ll be as fashionable as Lil’ Wayne in no time. Just don’t try to rap like him at the office or anything … that might be awkward.