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Fall 2011 Reading List

Monday, October 31st, 2011



So it’s almost hibernation time. That means you should grab a book, some warm whiskey and tea, and curl up by the fire (or the heater). But going into the library or Barnes and Noble to pick out a great book out of thousands? IMPOSSIBLE….unless you subscribe to Cufflinks’ Favorite Girl: ehm…yours truly.


But before I list off some good reads, be aware that I am biased. I don’t particularly think all of these books are the best specimens of literature in the world, but a must-read-to-be-in-the-cultural know, kind of thing. A mix of classical and contemporary novels, philosophy books, etc.

Top Ten Books for Now

1. Madame Bovary, by Gustave Flaubert: Don’t stop reading the list now. I put this first because it’s style and form are nearly perfect, if that’s ever possible in literature. Norton has a great translation from the french, so be careful which version you chose. Story of an unhappy young woman who marries a country doctor, and finds herself fantasizing about everything else life has to offer: riches, temptation, glamor…sex. Flaubert worked his @$$ off on this one for years…and of course it was first banned for obscenity, lala. Read it.

2. The Trial, by Kranz Kafka: a relatively short narrative on the life of K. who gets caught in the whirlwinds of a deranged bureacratic system, showing the absurdity and ridiculous natures of our own modern power structures.

3. On The Road, by Jack Kerouac: a cult classic, originally written on a long scroll in a breathless, speedy style, the main character travels around the country with his wacky and adventurous friend Dean.

4. The Symposium, by Plato: a discourse on the nature of love. Basically a bunch of philosophers sitting around getting drunk talking about how “love” originated. Pretty interesting stuff.

5. Middlesex/Virgin Suicides,by Jeffrey Eugenides: Obviously these are two different books, but his work is just so amazing that you should read both. A contemporary writer who luckily is still with us and working on another novel, the prosody of these novels is…exceptional, lyrical, and awe-inspiring.

6. Tropic of Capricorn, by Henry Miller: Yes, that brute of a writer. He holds nothing back, a connoisseur of the world, a sex crazed, maniac of a man…banging on his Parisian typewriter in the early 20th century. Lice, roaches, sex houses, and abundance of women all included.

Fountain Pen Cufflinks

Fountain Pen Cufflinks

7.Still Life with Woodpecker, by Tom Robbins. A modern, adult fairy tale. One of the funniest books I’ve ever encountered.

8. Hidden Messages in Water,by Dr. Masaru Emoto: A scientific study of water molecules with a spiritual spin…Emoto photographs water molecules from around the world, which are subjected to certain kinds of music, energy, etc. Eye opening account of the importance  and power of water.


9. Bhagavad Gita,by Unknown. A traditional Hindu text, originally written in ancient Sanskrit, follows an exchange between Krishna and solider Arjuna. Insightful and beautiful. (circa 3000 BCE…wow)

10. Beyond Good and Evil/Birth of Tragedy, by Nietzsche. Either book will do, or both if you can. His work is dense, hard to get through, but worth it in the end. You’ll find yourself referring to him or others using his ideas as a reference point throughout your life.


Last Minute, Quick Halloween Costume Ideas

Saturday, October 29th, 2011



Men can easily get a bad rep for not wearing a Halloween costume. it can show a lack of planning, confidence, and make one seem rather…dull. Don’t be in the “Dull Club” this year. If you haven’t planned something for tonight/tomorrow/or Monday, try any of these quick, humorous choices:
1. God’s Gift to Women
*Dress yourself in all black, take old wrapping paper and tape it around you, put a giant tag on your head that says “To: Women, From: GOD”


2. CD Burner
*String together numerous old CDs, put them around your neck, and carry a big lighter.

CD Cufflinks

CD Cufflinks

3. Quarter Back
*Photocopy a picture of a quarter and tape it to your back

Hand Painted USA Quarter Coin Cufflinks

Hand Painted USA Quarter Coin Cufflinks



4. One Night Stand
*Cut a hole, for your head, inside a large old box. Attach book, tissue box (or simply used tissues), and lamp/candle.

5. Paper Shredder
*Carry around a bulk of paper. If someone asks you want to are, start frantically tearing up the paper into shreds.

Shredded Money Cufflinks

Shredded Money Cufflinks

6. Nudist on Strike
*Wear regular clothes. Attach a large sign to your chest that says “Nudist on Strike!”

7. Cereal “Serial” Killer
* Wear clothes that are kind of rugged and torn. Carry a bloody knife and have blood on your clothes. Attach labels or actual little cereal boxes all over your outfit.

Silver Grimm Reaper Cufflinks

Silver Grimm Reaper Cufflinks

Rainy Day Blues (Not Really)

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Classics just in time for the rain.

Powerful time lapse of rain clouds crossing… by WildFilmsIndia

Cover up in the rain, with Duluth Trading Company’s “Men’s Grab Jacket 2”

Duluth Trading Company, Grab Jacket: $69

Duluth Trading Company, Grab Jacket: $69

Stay warm and dry when the wind blows rain your way with a simple, inexpensive Grab Jacket. If you’re a man of the seas and high winds, you may want to restock your supply of nautical cufflinks and Wellie rain boots.

Nautical Silver Anchor Cufflinks, $29

Nautical Silver Anchor Cufflinks, $29

And no man wants to be caught outside with a soggy batch of matches. Ever get to camp ground and not be able to light your fire? The Doors would be disappointed. (haha) Anyways a perfect Halloween campfire or bon fire is not complete without a fire, or at least candles. Make sure your covered and so are your matches:

Marble's Waterproof Match Box, from Duluth Trading Company: $10

Marble’s Waterproof Match Box, from Duluth Trading Company: $10

And oh! Wellie Boots. The official rain boot of England comes surging to the fashion scene in the United States. And we’re okay with that. They look good on both sexes and can be paired with anything on a rainy day. Sometimes we even wear them when it’s not raining…

Men's Short Hunter Boots

Men’s Short Hunter Boots

(and if it’s not raining, Make it Rain….)

Powerful time lapse of rain clouds crossing… by WildFilmsIndia
And keep your money intact while you’re making it rain. Or…if it’s already raining?

Fender Money Clip

Fender Money Clip

And for a more ‘hunter-esque” type boot, try the new lace up green ones. Sweet. Step on em! Boom! Yeah! Nevermind. It’s hard to mix the mentality of the Carpenters and Lil Wayne in the same blog post, but alas, it’s been done! [Insert Frankenstein laugh here. Muahhhh]. And it mixes fashion that possibly both artists would enjoy.

Men's Wellie Lace Up Boots

Men’s Wellie Lace Up Boots

*Note, we do not, nor have we ever endorsed the Hunter or Duluth Brands. We just find them pretty fly, along with our own products. Just trying to spread the love during foggy weather.

Fall 2011 Trend Report: Numero Uno

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011



Skimming through the pages in various magazines, catching the eye of style gurus on the subway, stopping to idly stare at illuminated shopping windows…all part of our job in the fashion industry. Although it seems that we simply recycle looks, adding a extra few modern touches, we are really revolutionizing fashion daily. Anything and everything you put on your back is a statement, whether you want it to be or not. A statement about who you are, where you come from, what’s important to you…What are you telling the world?

Style #1: 70s Swank

GQ magazine recently featured actor, and Jennifer Anniston’s beau, Justin Theroux in an array of vintage inspired trends. It’s a new, gritty spin on a seemingly over-worked genre of clothing:

Photograph by Nathaniel Goldberg, GQ Magazine

GET it: Jacket, $2,995 by Z Zegna. Henley, $110 by Vince. Necklace by Giles & Brother. Hat by Coal.Tateossian Horse Cufflinks

Tateossian Horse Cufflinks

And the street walking, urban hippie:

Photographs by Nathaniel Goldberg

GET it: Jacket, $2,495 by Boss Selection. Shirt, $125 by AllSaints. Jeans, $189 by Joe’s. Hat by A.P.C. Belt by Dsquared2. Bead necklace (top) by Giles & Brother. Other necklaces (vintage) by Melet Mercantile.

Style Trend #2: Khaki Winter Work Pants
Obviously this trend looks great with the previous post about “The Way of the Rustic Boot.” See we know what were doing here. GQ features another easy, wearable, ultra-masculine look: the rustic khaki pant. Pair it up with some rugged boots.

Gant by Michael Bastian

Pair this look with Sterling Silver Bear Cufflinks, from Pierce and Hobbs:ENAMEL BEAR AND BULL CUFFLINKSENAMEL BEAR AND BULL CUFFLINKS
Style #3: The Knapsack:


Gucci, Fall 2011

Gucci, Fall 2011


Tie it all together with Fall 2011 Ties from Daniel Dolce:
Victorian Purple Script, Italian Silk Neck Tie: Daniel Dolce

Victorian Purple Script, Italian Silk Neck Tie: Daniel Dolce

This bag is from Duluth Trading Company, which sells excellent quality products. We recently purchased a knapsack from them and not only is it incredibly sleek, beautiful leather, but durable and well made. We like to think of this brand as a little best kept search in fashion, because the prices aren’t nearly what they could be for these products. Anyways, here’s one of their ultra-cool bags:

AWOL bag, Duluth Trading Company; $225

Pair your leather case with a sleek beige tie from Daniel Dolce:
Cream Silk, Italian Silk Neck Tie by Daniel Dolce

Cream Silk, Italian Silk Neck Tie by Daniel Dolce

Stay tuned this week for more quick Trend Reports!

Relaxation Tips for a Hectic Monday

Monday, October 24th, 2011



The joy of coffee. The joy of the early morning sunrise. The joy of screaming children on their way to school. The beatific sounds of construction and traffic. The wondrous burnt bagel you received from Fred. The joy of wearing two different colored socks unbeknownst to you. The joy of the slow stagger in your walk….Good morning Monday!

Sometimes the monotony, or even busyness, of each week can become unbearable. Everyone talks about how stress can cause severe physical problems: fatigue, heart trouble, circulatory problems, and even cancer. There are many little things you can do throughout each day to counter the effects of stress and add little drops of goodness to your life.

Om Symbol Cufflinks

Om Symbol Cufflinks

1. Drink tea…slowly. Most of us hastily drink down our coffee or tea throughout the day, not taking our time in our consumption. Try this: brew some hot tea, either at work or home. Make sure your alone for at least ten minutes and if you are not, put on your headphones and tune out the world. The Japanese believe that tea drinking is a spiritual, zen activity, and so it is. While pouring the water in the glass, concentrate on slowing down time, visualizing the water as a cleansing agent, and transport yourself somewhere calm. Take long, deep sips of the tea. Think about the tastes, visualize light in your head and all around you. After ten minutes of this, you will undoubtedly feel much more relaxed and in tune with yourself.

2. Open your jaw for three minutes. That’s right. If you have a headache or tension in your body, believe it or not, we hold most of our tension in our jaws. It’s an extremely powerful muscle, used all throughout the day in talking, eating, chewing, grinding…Give it a break. The best part is, this can be done alone or in public. But you may look a little funny: Sit with your mouth slightly ajar for three minutes straight. Don’t completely lock your jaw in an open position, but let your jaw just hang there, let your tongue drop out a little. After about an entire minute, we promise you’ll feel different! This simple activity is so relaxingly powerful, you’ll thank us 🙂

3. Instead of coming home to action packed TV or movies, try watching an old childhood film or cartoon favorite like superman movies.. It will instantly calm you, remind you of the inherent relaxation in childhood, and bring back warm memories. You may even forget the deadline for tomorrow and the next day and just focus on the colors, memorable songs, lines…etc. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with relishing in our favorite cartoons.

Superman Cufflinks

Superman Cufflinks

4. Once a day, turn off the phone and internet. Literally. After reading this even! Literally shut down your fancy phone so you don’t even see the pulsing lights and close your laptop. Science has recently shown that our brains are literally re-wired through the excess of technology–the constant beeping of phones, trains, computers, emails….sometimes we just need a break. Once a day, everyday, let the world know you will be unreachable for two hours. There is so much freedom in this simple activity, almost like taking a quick mountain hiatus in your daily routine.

5. Go outside and play your favorite sport. Even if it’s just for fifteen minutes. It will get your blood pumping, release “happy” endorphins in the brain, and release pent up stress, anger, and energy. Plus you’ll sleep better and get your metabolism going.

Football Season Cufflinks

Football Season Cufflinks