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Why Failure Isn’t Always A Bad Thing Weekly Words of Wisdom

In life, there are constant setbacks. We try and sometimes we inevitably fail. Every single moment we exist, there’s a moment for opportunity and failure. This is just the ebb and flow of life. But for the success-driven few, failure simply isn’t an option.

Especially when the stakes are high, you’re bound to lose at one point or another. Most successful businessmen and businesswomen are propelled by an insatiable drive to succeed in their field—and sacrifices will ensue.

The trick is to not be afraid of failure. Sometimes failing at a task, a business deal, or situation can bring more learning, enlightenment, and connections than “success” can. Failure should never denoted “badness,” simply that it didn’t work with those ingredients and approaches. Instead of fearing losing or failing at something, embrace it and learn from it. But alas, this is not an easy feat, especially when we’re culturally trained to need to succeed.

Word of wisdom: Know your weakness and more importantly know your strengths. Play off your strengths, advertise them, focus on them, make that your projected “image” out into the world.

Word of wisdom: Know your adversaries. They’re normally not your friends and family, but they can be. The “can” here is very important—if someone or something is bringing you down so that you’re not realizing your full potential, put their presence on hold in your life—even if it’s for a short time.

Word of wisdom: Notice the small changes and differences. Changing your approach or tweaking small things in your business model can bring a world of difference to your outcome.

Word of wisdom: Embrace the change. Change, just like failure, doesn’t have to be a “bad” thing. For success to become a viable reality, change has to ensue. Accept it. Embrace it. Ask for it.

Word of wisdom: Take Risks. Nothing good comes to those who gamble low. This doesn’t mean be reckless, but think big and then bigger. And then, go for the bigger.

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