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Projecting Success

Obtaining success isn’t always a straight path. Intuition can go a long way in virtually every career path, business endeavor, and personal goal. By projecting success, you can not only change your self identity, but also shape the way others see you.

it’s true that we live in a vain, sometimes superficial world. Without becoming “worldly” we can use this to our advantage. here are some of Cufflinksman’s tips for projecting success.

Dress Smart.

Remember that it’s all in the details—the angle of your shoes, the seam in your pants, the quality of material of your blazer or jacket, the precision of your shave, the quality of your cufflinks and watch—among countless other details. In order to project success, or more specifically project the best version of you, it’s your responsibility to accentuate all your positives. When it comes to obtaining items to perfect your image, don’t think in terms of bulk but in terms of quality. Quality rarely goes unnoticed.

2. Think before you Speak.

Carefully collected words are essential to not only first impressions, but on-going relationships. Eliminate stutters, “um,” and superfluous words like “like” from your vocabulary. As in a great classical poem, every word holds weight—as should yours. Time is of the essence and great men only speak when they need to. Do not use filler in conversations and talk heedlessly. Project success.

3. Deliver your Thoughts Calmly and Cooly.

You are above the rat race, so why rush to get your thoughts across? Of course, no one likes a boring speaker, so keep your audience engaged by sussing strong rhetoric, calming tones, and solid inflections. Don’t ever hesitate.

4. Think in Details.

Are your nails properly manicured? Is there dirt under your fingernails? Did you use facial moisturizer in the morning? Are you well-groomed all over? Just because someone doesn’t see something, doesn’t mean you don’t know it’s there. if you know that underneath your button-down and blazer that you have a well-groomed body, an impeccable haircut, ironed undershirt, and recently polished both your watch and shoes, you’re in the “good.” The trick is building confidence within yourself—so that you are comfortable with every part of what makes you you.

5. Infuse Confidence in Every Action

Practice walking confidently in front of the mirror. Notice the way you sit down at a table. Ask a friend if you have any social quirks—do you use “um” a lot? Do you fiddle with your fingers? Do you touch your hair? Do you stutter? Identify the problems and eliminate them from your personality—if you can’t do that, be mindful of them and lessen their noticeability over time with conscious exercise.

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