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How to “Relax” the Look of Your Suit

1. Pair your suit jacket with a cool tee for an extra relaxed look. Think vintage teeshirts, band tee shirts, or simply a thin flannel plaid for extra warmth.

2. Add some hip sneakers or casual shoes for all those hours out of the office. Leave the shiny dress shoes under the desk, and slip on a pair of distressed Chuck Taylors, Combat boots, or cozy leather loafers.

3. Pair a cozy jersey underneath your suit jacket. Think about pairing your classic suit jacket with a striped jersey cotton shirt. You’ll love the lux.

4. Ditch the tie and go for cufflinks. With any formal suit jacket or even a classic suit jacket, pairing it with a tie screams formal. Instead of the tie, go for a classic, fetching pair of eye catching cufflinks for extra style points.

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