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Holiday Baskets

It’s hard to encompass all the wants on everyone’s Christmas lists during the rush of the holiday season. That’s why Christmas baskets, or Holiday baskets, are the perfect gift idea for families, relatives, neighbors, and work places. Consider filling them with the following:deluxegiftbaskets1. Something to imbibe. Whether it’s alcoholic or not depends on the giftee, but a local batch of apple cider, organic tea, and gourmet hot chocolates are good winter warmers to impress. If that’s too PG for your gif tee’s taste, think of adding a Single Malt Scotch, a small bottle of Sherry, or Spiced Wine.

2. Something to burn. This mainly means a candle or maybe holiday-esque incense. Think apple scents, cedar scents, pine, pumpkin spice scents, etc when choosing a candle or incense for your holiday basket.

3. Don’t forget the card. This small, seemingly insignificant touch can make a world of difference and bring the “personal” aspect full circle.

4. A homemade edible good. Think spiced nuts, cookies, banana/ pumpkin/ nut bread wrapped nicely and tied with a ribbon.

5. Fruit. An old fashioned tradition has always been to put fresh fruit (apples and oranges) in stockings for Christmas morning. By putting this in your holiday basket, you’re adding a touch of nostalgia.

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