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A Story to Warm Your Heart: Dog Loyalty

Sunday, September 16th, 2012



It was reported a few days ago by  various online news venues that Captain, a German Shepherd in Argentina, has refused to leave the site of his master’s grave, even after six years following his death.

Captain, a German Shepherd, watching over his deceased owner's grave

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Talk about loyalty and love! His owner, Miguel Guzman, died in 2006, and he still sits guarding over his grave after all these years. Captain originally ran away from home shortly after Miguel’s death and the family did not know where he ran off to. They assumed he was struck by a car or completely lost in the world. Turns out, he made his way to Miguel’s grave, even though he’s never been there before. 

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As it turns out, little loyal Captain, could somehow sense the exact location of Miguel’s grave. He was taken home by the family, but again he returned in the evening to keep watch over the grave.

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Sterling Silver Service Dog Cufflinks

Everyone should experience such love and loyalty. And remember dear readers, DOG is GOD spelled backwards. Enjoy this beautiful fall day!