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Grey Daze: New York Fashion Week 2012

Saturday, February 11th, 2012

The most popular color on the runway for New York fashion week? Take one guess. We’ve always had this theory that fashion mirrors political/social consciousness and we, as a nation that is, are in a grey zone. But that is nothing to fret about because stylistically these looks are positively stunning. Take these three fashion mongols (dictators of the fashion realm, pioneers, Gods of Wardrobe, whatever you want to call them): Alexander McQueen, Burberry, and Emporio Armani.

Let’s take little Alex’s new looks. Bless his soul, his runway dreams are still magical. With the physical help and design aesthetic of Sarah Burton, the end result for Fall is a grey dapper, dandy, old school English aura:
Alexander McQueen, Fall 2012Alexander McQueen, Fall 2012

Pair these Alexander McQueen looks with a Black and Grey Silk tie, like this one from Daniel Dolce:

Black and Grey Circles, 100% Italian Silk

It’s obvious that 90s fashion has long left us–we’ve swapped the oversized pants and greasy looks for tailored, exquisite suits, cropped pants, and long socks.

Alexander McQueen, Fall 2012Alexander McQueen, Fall 2012

Grey Blossom Flower Shield Cufflinks

Grey Blossom Flower Shield Cufflinks

Next up we have the ultimate suit designer, Armani. GQ Magazine reports:

The Vibe for Fall 2012
This is a collection for the urban pioneer: a layered look with duster coats resting loosely over flannel suiting or draped knits, and topped with a felt fedora. Mr. Armani moves away from the futurism that has punctuated recent collections and focuses instead on soft tailoring, the cornerstone of the Armani aesthetic.

Emporio Armani, Fall 2012Emporio Armani, Fall 2012

Grey magador Italian Cotton Silk Tie, Daniel DolceGrey Magador Italian Cotton Silk Tie, Daniel Dolce

Emporio Armani, Fall 2012

And finally, the champion of three, Burberry brings in a grey masterpiece, slightly similar to McQueen’s runway looks. GQ magazine reports: “A gray scale—that’s how Christopher Bailey weighed his collection this season. Using a series of refined two- and three-button wool gray suits in deepening shades, he’s updated the Gregory Peck look with colorful, textured splashes—Navajo-inspired patterns, bags in maroon and navy suede, mustard-tipped trenches, and watch out for the owl and cat-face bundle-necked sweaters. This is where trad meets mod.” And yes, it breeches the line and teeters between traditional and ultra modern. Love.

Burberry, Fall 2012Burberry, Fall 2012

Grey Whispers: Cashmere, Wool, and Silk ScarfGrey Whispers: Cashmere, Wool, and Silk Scarf

Burberry, Fall 2012

NYE Fashion Night Out: White and Red

Saturday, December 31st, 2011
Shoes happen to be one of the most important aspects of your NYE outfit. With all this formal wear ensuring you will get into the most exclusive clubs and restaurants at the brink of the New Year, you want to have at least one “personal statement item” that expresses your individuality. Distressed burgundy combat boots are a show stopping way to add that extra punch to your all black ensemble:
Pair these radical red shoes with simple White Enamel Knot Cufflinks, which are sure to go with any and every shirt you have in your closet. They’ll look extra shiny on NYE too.


White! Remember that less-than-popular gradation? Armani has you covered with this festive sports-coat on sale just in time for tonight. The thing about wearing white during the winter months is it has to be off-white–not bleached stark white. If it has a “vintage” look, you’re golden. Or whiten..?


Pair your off-white clothes with a rugged off-white accessory, like these super cool digs from Maison Martin Margiela. Remember: it’s all about the shoes and accessories. Plus we’ve never seen shoes like this before. Pair this beige/off white attire with red layered flower cufflinks for a textured look.
Maison Martin Margiela Distressed Blucher $750.00
Remember what Mama always told ya? Put a hat on! Your head releases and retains the most heat in your body, so it’s important on cold winter nights to cover it up. But NYE is not a time for boyish ball caps and beanies. Try this sleek driving hat or basic gentlemen’s cap from Barney’s New York. And make sure your tie is secure on your shirt with a basic tie bar from CLM:

NYE Fashion Night Out: Black and White

Friday, December 30th, 2011

Make it a red carpet experience. Tis the season to look positively fly this New Years Eve. Here are some of the hottest trends, by the best designers around town, some of which happen to be on sale. (Yeah for post-christmas sales!). Let’s start with your basic white collared shirt: it’s basic, well made, and yes you can wear it again after the 31st until it fades to yellow. Then of course, gentlemen, it’s time to get another. A must-have closet staple (assuming you didn’t get any under the Christmas tree).

Basic Dress Shirt from BarneysBasic Dress Shirt from Barneys

Now to cover the white shirt you have many options. The most reliable and unassuming is the black Two Button sports Jacket with a blinging pair of designer cufflinks. You can’t be wearing Alexander McQueen without designer cufflinks, right?

Two Button Sport Jacket by Alexander McQueen (On Sale at Barneys)Two Button Sport Jacket by Alexander McQueen (On Sale at Barneys)

Add texture on your sleeve with these Aymara Blue Butterfly Cufflinks made from real butterfly wings (yes, real). And you can feel good wearing them too: 10% of proceeds are donated to the Butterfly Farm in Peru, where these elegant little creatures live out full, healthy lives in the rain forest. Made with 950 Sterling Silver:

Aymara Blue Breeze Cross Butterfly CufflinksAymara Blue Breeze Cross Butterfly Cufflinks

Step up your fashion forward attitude by this new tweed jacket by the one and only YSL:

Tweed Blouson by Yves Saint Laurent ($669 on sale)Tweed Blouson by Yves Saint Laurent ($669 on sale)

Black and white, black and white…Pair these staple gradations with Aymara Zebra Star Butterfly Cufflinks, again, made with pure Peruvian silver and Butterfly wings.

Aymara Zebra Star Butterfly CufflinksAymara Zebra Star Butterfly Cufflinks

SLACKS! What will you wear on your bottom? Most men today can wear the slim fit pants that are all the rage. It is not, I repeat, not okay to be wearing relaxed fit or loose fitting pants on NYE or any other day for that matter. Tighten it up.

Slim Leg Trouser from Burberry London $250Slim Leg Trouser from Burberry London $250

Bring your information with you–maps, directions, music, you name it, it can fit on these real working USB Cufflinks from Ravi Ratan:

Gunmetal 4GB USB Flash Drive Cufflinks

Gunmetal 2GB Cufflinks from Ravi Ratan

This sleek, ultra plush beautiful distressed cardigan is a more laid back way to cover your basic collared shirt. Check this one out by John Varvatos:

Distressed Cardigan by John Varvatos ($299 on sale at Barneys)

Top it all off with a, yes you got it, a top hat. This one won’t break your bank and is moderately priced from Barneys:
Short Brim Fedora from Barneys
Pair all this chic black with Onyx Cufflinks from Ravi Ratan:
All in all, you can’t go wrong with making black and white accessories your “thing” for the New Years. It assures you will look amazingly slimmer and will even make your lady look good. Happy New Year friends.