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Fall Fashion Finds: 2012



Fall Accessories

Here are a few things we love about fall fashion for men.

Send us your favorites too and we’ll feature them here! 

First up is ONE orange accessory. It adds a much-needed pop of color to all your basics and looks stunning against the changing foliage. Try this chunk scarf from British Company Top Shop:


Top Shop Scarf, $28Top Shop Scarf, $28

Did you know Urban Outfitters now has a catalogue for men? We love this urban photograph of the 21st youth. They have an eclectic (if not too “young”) mix of fashion finds for men this season:

Fall Fashion FindsFall Fashion Finds from Urban Outfitters

Pick Apart the Look

The raised socks with the quirky tennis shoes (Love)

The thick, pushed down, chunky sock (Love)

The use of military pants in the scene or for fall at all (Dislike)

The use of shorts in mid-fall with socks (Love!)

Sterling Opus Zebrawood Cufflinks

Sterling Opus Zebrawood Cufflinks

And these shoes…also from Urban Outfitters. SImple, chic, and rugged all at the same time:



from Urban Outfitters

University Pride. Whether you’re a recent college graduate, still trucking away at your degree, or have long since retired to the professional realm of business, there’s always room on your sleeve to show your collegiate pride:

Ohio State University Buckeyes Cufflinks

Ohio State University Buckeyes Cufflinks

And get this “Professor” look from Ralph Lauren while you’re at it:

 Fair Isle Wool V-Neck Vest from Ralph Lauren

 Fair Isle Wool V-Neck Vest from Ralph Lauren

Stone Argyle Cufflinks

Stone Argyle Cufflinks

 Pick Apart the look…

Cordorouy green pants for work and play (Love)

Wool vest over a collared shirt (Love)

Basic shoes, whatever those loafers are…(Dislike) 

Clean haircut to start the season fresh (Love!)

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