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7 Things to Consider BEFORE Your Job Interview

1. Print your resume on good quality printing paper. Not card stock paper, nothing floral or fancy, just good quality printing paper than doesn’t “slop” over in your hand when reading. If the paper flops, you’re probably a flop too.

2. Don’t walk in with a drink in your hand. It looks unprofessional. Of course, this goes for food as well. As much as we all LOVE our Starbucks, leave it in the trash can at the door. And make sure you follow up with a mint.

Greek Coffee Cufflinks

Instead, bring along these Greek Coffee Cup Cufflinks

3. Own your craft–you are the expert at what you do, always remember that. Fake it until you make it.


4. Firm Handshake–this goes without saying, but we have to say it anyways. Actually, anytime you meet someone remember this, for bejesus sake…

Bustling Stock Market Silver Cufflinks

Remember that your cufflink choice should reflect your personality/career choice. If you’re in finance, try these Bustling Stock Market Silver Cufflinks

5. Wear one fashion signature piece. If you’re wearing a traditional black/ blue suit, make sure you show off your personality just a bit. Cufflinks are obviously a great way to do this, because they’re understated, but when noticed, can say a world about you. If you’re a musician, go for guitar cufflinks, etc.

EXTRA BONUS: If you can want to show him/her any files, .pdfs, powerpoints, excel sheets, etc. NOTHING looks cooler than reaching for your wrist, unlatching your cufflink/usb drive, and popping it into your laptop at a meeting. Plus it’s a good conversation starter. Take these Antique USB Drive Cufflinks as an example:

Antique Gold Oval 4Gb Usb Flash Drive Cufflinks


6. Have a copy of your personal and professional references on hand with phone numbers, ready to go. That way, if they want to follow up immediately after you leave, they can.


7. Be conscious of your social media presence BEFORE you walk into the office/ interview. Your potential new boss has already, most likely done his/her research and Google the hell out of you. Have ready-to go answers for any embarrassing tidbits that may be circulating around the web. This can go either way–it can work for you or against you, it’s all how you play it.




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