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Be the king of style

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

Some guys have it and some guys don’t. What are we talking about here? A sense of style, of course! Some men have an innate sense of style, and they know what to wear and how to wear it. You can always tell who has “it” and who doesn’t, because guys with a keen sense of style always look good — no matter what they wear. Then there are the other guys … the ones that can’t seem to get themselves together. They end up matching the wrong color tie to their button-down shirt, wearing the wrong shoes, and failing to accessorize with elegant watches or cufflinks. If you’re the type of guy who has trouble getting dress for any occasion, don’t worry. We are here to help! In order to transform your wardrobe, you always have to start with the basics.

The basics include accessories, such as these Sterling Roaring Lion Cufflinks. Made by CLM New York, the smooth black enamel face and sophisticated design will provide you with the confidence to “roar” into any room, feeling like the “king” of style. Paired with a class white button-down shirt, a black tie and shiny pair of black shoes, you’ll be the best-dressed guy in the place. Sometimes, it just takes a simple accessory to get you started on the right path. That’s why an elegant pair of cufflinks can make all the difference when it comes to style. You can build a whole new look around the right pair of cufflinks.

Life can often be a puzzle

Saturday, August 27th, 2011

Sometimes, life can be a confusing puzzle and none of the pieces seem to fit together at all. But that’s part of the adventure of life. If you always knew what was going to happen, and how things were going to work out, then life would be boring and dull. But that’s not the way that life works. Sometimes, you have to wait until you have the whole picture before it makes sense. It takes a great deal of serenity and patience to work through puzzling life challenges, but luckily we have the perfect pair of cufflinks to help you along your path.

Sterling Puzzle Pieces Cufflinks

These stunning Sterling Puzzle Pieces Cufflinks are great for any guy who has an inquisitive mind and is open to looking at life from all different angles. In order to tackle the tough questions in life and make sense of the puzzle, you need to be open-minded and willing to look beyond the surface. In most cases, the difficult puzzles often have the simplest solutions. Whether you want to solve a fashion puzzle and improve your sense of style, or you just need a little reminder to be patient with the puzzling side of life, these Sterling Puzzle Pieces Cufflinks will do the trick. Designed CLM New York, you’ll love the intricate detail of the tiny puzzle pieces on a rounded onyx face. The Sterling Silver accent only adds to the elegance of the overall design. These truly are a beautiful pair of cufflinks … for a beautiful mind.