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Ten Cool Things to do TODAY

Thursday, May 24th, 2012

Cool Things to Do TODAY

Create a happy new playlist on itunes. A mixture of slow jams and dance music to take you on a nostalgic ride.

Ipod CufflinksIpod Cufflinks

Download at least one song from your childhood. And make it a good one, like something from an 80s film. Or better yet, go out and buy the vinyl album to really take you back.

The Clash London Calling Album CoverThe Clash London Calling Album Cover

Clean your bathroom–sounds not so tempting, right? But afterwards, you’ll feel good about yourself and home, knowing that you have a clean place to get clean in.


Blue Unity Cufflinks

Call an old friend whom you haven’t spoken with in over one year. That’s right, pick up the phone. Re-kindle…and that’s not a new amazon product.

Give yourself a manicure (even if you’re a gentlemen). This doesn’t mean break out the clear polish men, but sit on the sofa with a file and clippers, and clean up those hands. They are the “second” things people see when they first meet you, after your face of course. It’s good to have freshly groomed hands always, unless you’re a car mechanic who relishes in the grease all day.

Break out the dusty blender in the kitchen and make a fruit smoothie. Add a little extra to it, like cocoa powder for extra “comfort.” It’s healthy, energizing, and is a great substitute for a fast food meal.


Add a drop of whiskey to your coffee. Just because it’s Thursday.

Visit the humane society and play with the dogs. All dogs go to heaven they say and they remember you for coming to play with them. These little guys and gals rarely get extra love and attention, so why not take a trip to your local shelter and give a couple of canines rub downs.

These dogs weren’t born with a silver treat in their mouths…:(

ANTIQUE HAND PAINTED PUG CUFFLINKSSmile at a stranger. Just one…or ten. Enough so that people still know you’re normal and not some creepy stalker guy ogling all the innocent bystanders. Kind of like it pass it forward kind of smile…not bozo the clown kind of smile.


Do 25 crunches. Hey, we’re not saying to 100. 25 will get those muscles working just enough to set off some happy endorphines in your brain and maybe even motivate you to do more.

The color purple

Saturday, September 3rd, 2011

What is it about the color purple? So many celebrities wear purple these days. Rap superstar Lil’ Wayne has been known to wear the color purple on numerous occasions, and young popstar Justin Bieber has somehow made wearing purple “cool” for teenage boys everywhere. The bottom line is that purple is popular, and that’s why you should invest in a pair of purple cufflinks. Fashion trends are cyclical and before you know it, orange might be the next color of choice. But in the meantime, it seems that purple is the frontrunner. If you don’t own any purple clothes or accessories, then what are you waiting for? We have plenty of Purple Cufflinks to choose from, all you have to do is take a look at our selection and pick out a few pairs.


Purple Locked Squares Cufflinks

For example, these Purple Locked Squares Cufflinks are perfect because the design is modern and there are different shades of purple throughout. This gives you the flexibility to match these cufflinks with a variety of purple ties or button-down shirts. (Flexibility in fashion is what separates the men from the boys.) Embrace the color purple and use it to enhance your sense of style as well as your wardrobe. A little color here or there can go along way. With a few pairs of purple cufflinks in your collection, you’ll be as fashionable as Lil’ Wayne in no time. Just don’t try to rap like him at the office or anything … that might be awkward.