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College football is underway

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Back-to-school doesn’t mean much to the workingman. He’s already busy with his career and has been out of college for a while. But the start of the school year doesn’t always have to do with “school.” For a lot of guys, it has to do with college football. Even though you may have already graduated from college, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still cheer on your alma mater every Saturday afternoon during the college football season. Next to professional sports, college football is one of the most watched sports on television. Many men still attend college football games even long after they have walked across the stage and received their diploma.


Oregon Ducks 3-Piece Gift Set

Of all the gifts you received on graduation day, your alma mater cufflinks might be your most cherished item. Because that means you can wear them every time your college football team takes the field. If you weren’t lucky enough to receive a pair of cufflinks for a graduation gift, don’t worry. We have plenty of NCAA College University Cufflinks to choose from. Our college football cufflinks come in an elegant three-piece set, which is perfect for any cufflink collection. Take these Oregon Ducks 3-Piece Gift Set Cufflinks for example. The set includes a pair of Oregon Ducks officially licensed logo cufflinks, tie bar and money clip. You’ll have everything you need to root for your favorite college football team or alma mater during the entire college football season. What are you waiting for — get some now! College football is already underway!