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The Lure of the Hoodie

Wednesday, April 4th, 2012


Let’s stop the stigma of the “hoodie” in its tracks–There are many ways to wear the comfortable attire, even in a professional setting. Let’s stop the stereotype associated with this clothing and incorporate it into our daily wardrobe.

So how can you wear it?

Of course the “hoodies” we have shown here are from American Apparel and frankly, aren’t worth the extra dollar, but we’re using them as examples. You can go to your local Target, Walmart, discount store and pick up something similar. Just make sure you get at least one size down so it’s a little snug and fitted.

Over a Collared Shirt

Nantucket Fleece Zip HoodyNantucket Fleece
Zip Hoody from American Apparel

By picking a neutral color, like this Beige Hoodie from American Apparel, and donning it on top of a collared shirt, you can maintain an ultra-sophisticated, yet laid back look. Make sure the hoodie is slim-cut and fits your frame, or you’ll zap the “sophisticated ” part from the statement and be left with”laid-back.”

At the Beach

Dov's Hoody, by American Apparel

Dov’s Hoody, by American Apparel

Red at the beach is ultra-suave. Even bright orange will do the trick. There are so many colors to choose from, but nothing is worse than a dark/black hoodie at the beach–so opt for lighter colors to save yourself from the sun.

Pink Peace Tie Bar with Onyx and Mother of PearlPink Peace Tie Bar with Onyx and Mother of Pearl

With a pair of Dockers and Shorts

Fine jersey Zip Hoody from American Apparel

Fine jersey Zip Hoody from American Apparel

Silver Anchor CufflinksSilver Anchor Cufflinks

Rayne Boat Shoe

Rayne Boat Shoe by Dockers

Ah, nothing says summer like a pair of Dockers (on a dock!) coupled with a pastel hoodie. Relax in style this beach season.

To A Baseball Game

Palladium Philadelphia Phllies Cufflinks, MLB

Palladium Philadelphia Phillies Cufflinks

Wear it to a baseball game!

Way to represent your team without spending a fortune on the entire jersey and get-up? Simply sport your favorite team’s main color by rocking a hoodie for the day–you get bonus fan points if you couple it with a collared shirt and MLB cufflinks.

On the Street

Striped Fleece Zip Hoody

Striped Fleece Zip Hoody Avenue Cufflinks, Chicago Cufflinks

The hoodie is the perfect everyday wear–wear it on the street, to the bank, light/dark colors…it doesn’t matter! Don’t let stereotypes get the best of fashion. Step forward and wear your hoodie with pride. And let’s not forget the memory of Trayvon martin–let’s turn the hoodie into a symbol of peace and love, not hate and judgment.

The race for the cufflink pennant

Saturday, September 10th, 2011

As the fall season begins, most people tend to concentrate on football. They are busy getting ready for tailgating parties and fantasy football leagues. But even though the cooler weather is on its way in, the baseball season is just starting to heat up. The NFL season may just be getting started, but major league baseball playoffs are about to get underway. The pennant race is on, and many MLB teams are in the running while others are simply fighting for a playoff spot. Every baseball fan knows that the major league baseball season is a long one. It starts in April and ends in November, depending on how long the playoff games last. But most diehard baseball fans look forward to September and October with reckless abandon. Advancing to the playoffs is one thing, but winning the pennant for a division is a glorious achievement.

Boston Red Sox Pennant Cufflinks


Now you can cheer on your favorite baseball team as they chase the pennant with your very own pair of MLB Baseball Cufflinks. These days, you can find cufflinks in a variety of sports-related designs — from team logos to sports equipment. There are even MLB pennant cufflinks, including these flawless Boston Red Sox Pennant Cufflinks. The Boston Red Sox are looking very solid this season, and they may just win the pennant. Cheer them on while wearing your very own pennant cufflinks, but keep in mind that Yankee fans might not appreciate your Boston Red Sox pennant cufflinks as much as you do.