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Spring Accesories

Sunday, March 4th, 2012


Spring Showers are coming soon, so be prepared folks. What are some cool ways to accessorize for the rain and light breezes that March and April will bring? First off, rain puddles are reason enough to buy these Hunter Bennie Boots for Men. Averaging at about $150, these super sturdy, fashionable Wellie books are comfortable and can be cleaned with basic Armor All (you know, the stuff for your car?)

Hunter Boot, Bennie: $150, More Colors AvailableHunter Boot, Bennie: $150, More Colors Available

Tommy Hilfiger has just the right colors in their Spring 2012 line to brighten up the day. Try their classic baby blue collared shirts with red pants. Yes, we love this look, with all that dismal grey for winter, the time has come for some popping color. It’ll add to the overall solid-dark based ensemble for the spring.

Tommy Hilfiger, Striped Shirt with Red PantsTommy Hilfiger, Striped Shirt with Red Pants

And also for those rainy days, don’t forget your classic trench. This differs from your winter coat because it lacks the heavy winter lining and thick/heavy materials. Think light this spring. Just because there’s a monsoon outside from all the rain doesn’t mean you have to wear yourself down…

WeatherEdge® Port Townsend® Commuter Trench by Eddie Bauer, $179Try this WeatherEdge® Port Townsend® Commuter Trench by Eddie Bauer, $179

Aymara Sunrise Diamond Butterfly CufflinksAymara Sunrise Diamond Butterfly Cufflinks

And of course don’t forget about your shirt sleeves. Spring’s red carpet rolls out brilliant yellows and textured neutrals. Aymara brings these two concepts together by combining a part of Mother Nature (literally, they are butterfly wings) with Sterling Silver to bring you an exotic spring accessory.


And for the chilly evenings, try a lighter scarf than your normal winter wear–like this Silk Scarf by Daniel Dolce. Warm enough to shield the night breezes, but light enough to keep you cool. Made, of course, from 100% silk from Italy…ahh…

Tommy Hilfiger Blue Shirt with Pink Pants, Spring 2012Tommy Hilfiger Blue Shirt with Pink Pants, Spring 2012

And add an Air creature to your accessory list as well: these Dragon Fly cufflinks are reminiscent of long summer nights, lightening bugs, and backyard pool parties. Bring these will you to any event and to the office this season, while you dream of the dawning of Spring Break..


Rainy Day Blues (Not Really)

Thursday, October 27th, 2011

Classics just in time for the rain.

Powerful time lapse of rain clouds crossing… by WildFilmsIndia

Cover up in the rain, with Duluth Trading Company’s “Men’s Grab Jacket 2”

Duluth Trading Company, Grab Jacket: $69

Duluth Trading Company, Grab Jacket: $69

Stay warm and dry when the wind blows rain your way with a simple, inexpensive Grab Jacket. If you’re a man of the seas and high winds, you may want to restock your supply of nautical cufflinks and Wellie rain boots.

Nautical Silver Anchor Cufflinks, $29

Nautical Silver Anchor Cufflinks, $29

And no man wants to be caught outside with a soggy batch of matches. Ever get to camp ground and not be able to light your fire? The Doors would be disappointed. (haha) Anyways a perfect Halloween campfire or bon fire is not complete without a fire, or at least candles. Make sure your covered and so are your matches:

Marble's Waterproof Match Box, from Duluth Trading Company: $10

Marble’s Waterproof Match Box, from Duluth Trading Company: $10

And oh! Wellie Boots. The official rain boot of England comes surging to the fashion scene in the United States. And we’re okay with that. They look good on both sexes and can be paired with anything on a rainy day. Sometimes we even wear them when it’s not raining…

Men's Short Hunter Boots

Men’s Short Hunter Boots

(and if it’s not raining, Make it Rain….)

Powerful time lapse of rain clouds crossing… by WildFilmsIndia
And keep your money intact while you’re making it rain. Or…if it’s already raining?

Fender Money Clip

Fender Money Clip

And for a more ‘hunter-esque” type boot, try the new lace up green ones. Sweet. Step on em! Boom! Yeah! Nevermind. It’s hard to mix the mentality of the Carpenters and Lil Wayne in the same blog post, but alas, it’s been done! [Insert Frankenstein laugh here. Muahhhh]. And it mixes fashion that possibly both artists would enjoy.

Men's Wellie Lace Up Boots

Men’s Wellie Lace Up Boots

*Note, we do not, nor have we ever endorsed the Hunter or Duluth Brands. We just find them pretty fly, along with our own products. Just trying to spread the love during foggy weather.