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Seven Ways to Lose 5 Pounds or More in a Month

Sunday, January 22nd, 2012



Seven Ways to Lose 5 Pounds or More in a Month

1. Drink More Water

You know the old recommendations say that you should drink a minimum of eight glasses of water a day and that’s not going to change any time soon. Not only should you be drinking at least eight, but in order to shed some pounds, bump it up to 10-12 glasses. Remember a glass is 8 ounces, the average water bottle you buy for $1 is slightly more than one glass, so refill it about 8 more times throughout the day. Drinking more water ensures you don’t load yourself down with wasted calories in soda and that you properly cleanse your body of toxins. If you don’t have the time, energy, or money to splurge on those total body detox cures or cleanses, Adam’s Ale will do the trick just fine.


2. Boiled eggs and Grapefruit

For some reason this combination in the morning gets the metabolism going and pumped to burn calories. It sates the morning hunger, while giving you the appropriate vitamin C and protein you’ll need to get the day started. Eat this every morning for a week, alternating the next week with a piece of toast and black coffee.


3. Exercise for 20 minutes a day for two weeks

Yes, you can’t lose weigh without getting the body moving. The good news is Netflix recently added a “Fitness” Section to the movies and you can rotate your workouts every other day. Also game consoles like the Wii and X-Box have those ultra cool dance games that are sure to shed extra pounds and be a source of enjoyment. You don’t have to spend $20 or $80 every month at the gym if you simply invest the $40 into a dance workout game or get Netflix and actually USE the Fitness sections. Also, look into your 1000+ channels on your regular cable that you already pay for—many contain hidden fitness on demand shows for free, that are already included in your monthly billing cycles.

4. High fiber foods

….and it doesn’t have to be just those over priced packaged foods that say “FiberOne” and the rest. Celery, a handful of dry almonds, dried fruit, barley, wheat, oatmeal, multi-grain bread, and many other food will do the trick. Visit this website to get a more comprehensive list of high fiber foods:


5. Cut out red meat and focus on fish (canned tuna, grilled filets, salmon, etc)

Cutting out or limiting your red meat intake can be a significant change in your weigh loss if you normally indulge in a nightly steak or hamburger. Try eating lean cut meats, like turkey, and add a lot more fish to your diet. Lean fish is also important because some fish is naturally fatty and oily, so stick with salmon and tuna. Of course Soy Beans and products are an excellent protein substitute for meat, but don’t overdo it—new research hints that too much soy in your diet can cause reproductive issues in women. Most restaurants now offer alternatives to even chicken and duck, like soy chicken nuggets with bbq sauce and mock duck thai noddles. Yum.

California Roll, Sushi CufflinksCalifornia Roll, Sushi Cufflinks

6. Leafy Greens with a teaspoon of balsamic vingarette:

Yes, add more greens! Any kind will do just fine! The trick is, if you like cooked greens like kale, cabbage, collared greens, don’t over cook them to retain some of the nutrients. Also, use the water you boil them in as a topping of some sort, because most of the cooked nutrients come out in the water. Use it to make a soup later on for dinner by just adding veggies and some chicken. Go light on the salt and sodium too.

Salt and Pepper Shaker CufflinksSalt and Pepper Shaker Cufflinks

7. Buy a scale and weigh yourself everyday.

Libra the Scales, Hand Painted Coin CufflinksWe’ve heard from others that simply keeping a scale in your bedroom or bathroom can work wonders. It’s to make you cognizant of your weight and how it fluctuates during the day. We’ve heard about people who’ve lost up to ten pounds just by weighing themselves everyday! Before and a few hours after you eat ice cream or decide to order fast food, weigh yourself to see the changes…It’ll also pump you up to know when you do shed the first, second, and seventh pound.

What To Remember When Going Out On NYE

Thursday, December 29th, 2011



1. Make Reservations. This can be for a table at a restaurant, bar, night club, or a roof top. Just make sure you put your name or names down on a list somewhere so you don’t have to wait in extra lines, you can avoid the tourists traps, and getting a seat and waiter will be ten times easier.

Las Vegas CufflinksLas Vegas Cufflinks

2. Pick a drink (or a type of alcohol) and stick with it for the whole night. If you’re craving a martini, try to stick with vodka the whole night, be it cosmos, citrus vodka with ginger ale, vanilla vodka and coca cola–you get the point. If it’s Whiskey or Gin, stick with that. The only exception is beer, wine or champagne in the early night. You can always mix with those!

Champagne CufflinksChampagne Cufflinks

3. Decide who you’re going out with beforehand. It makes it so much easier on your stress and partying levels if you decide your “crew” beforehand. Then you won’t be wasting time texting and calling people trying to see what “everyone’s” doing.

Oil Derrick Cufflinks

Oil Derrick Cufflinks

4. Make dinner plans or plan a dinner party. Put together a group list, set up a festive NYE menu filled with lots of champagne, (have everyone bring a bottle too), pick up some streamers and party hats like you’re back in grade school, and have a nice grown up dinner. Then get a cab together and go wild on the streets.U Of California Bears Cufflinks And Money Clip Gift SetCalifornia Bears Cufflinks

5. Be firm about plans. Others will follow. Everyone waits until the last minute to decide what they’re going to do on the “First Day of the Year.” Make it worth it.

Star Drops Handmade Lampwork Glass CufflinksStar Drops Handmade Lampwork Glass Cufflinks

6. Plan your outfit. There’s nothing worse than someone inviting you somewhere ultra exclusive on NYE only to realize two hours before that 1. you have nothing to wear 2. you have nothing clean to wear. Ladies, splurge a little with your Christmas bonuses and buy yourself a shiny cocktail dress. Men, get some festive new cufflinks to go with a classy top hat. You won’t regret looking the best at the party.

Skyline of Blue Mother of Pearl CufflinksSkyline of Blue Mother of Pearl Cufflinks

7. Pocket sound/noise makers. Mini pots and pans. Wooden sticks. You get the picture.Cherry Dot Paisley Cufflinks

Cherry Dot Paiseley Cufflinks