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Enamel cufflinks are for smooth guys only

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

As far as cufflink material goes, silver and gold are the most popular materials. But the beauty of cufflinks is that they can be made out of almost anything these days. In fact, there are even cufflinks that are made from recycled materials, which is good for the earth and for fashion. But one of the most durable and attractive cufflink materials is enamel. The combination of powdered glass and high levels of heat create this glass-like material that we call “enamel.” With a smooth enamel surface, enamel cufflinks shine from across the room and gleam in the sunlight.

Black Enamel Labyrinth Cufflinks


Because enamel is so smooth and flawless, many high-end cufflink designers use it to create upscale cufflink designs. But you don’t have to be an upscale guy in order to wear enamel cufflinks. The only thing you have to be is “smooth.” Enamel Cufflinks are perfect for any guy who’s a smooth talker and takes pride in his appearance. However, it’s a rule of thumb that every guy should own a pair of Enamel Cufflinks. Lucky for you, we have a wide selection of Enamel Cufflinks available. You’ll find such elegant designs and styles as these Black Enamel Labyrinth Cufflinks, which offer urban flavor combined with a classic black and silver look. Enamel Cufflinks are often finished with a smooth and glossy coating, to help preserve the shine and protect them from all-weather elements. So you can be sure that your Enamel Cufflinks will keep you looking and feeling “smooth” for years to come.