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4 Things You MUST Do This Spring

Tuesday, March 13th, 2012


Things to DO now that Spring is finally here.

Four things to brighten your spring, enliven your cultural step, and add a little fashion to your fabric.

Tateossian Animal Gecko Cufflinks

Take this little Animal Gecko Cufflink as inspiration–make sure to get out in nature at least once a week. This can be a simple stroll in the park, bird watching, short hikes, nature trails, or spending time in your backyard or fire escape lounging. If it’s a fire escape, though, please, watch out for the gaps. Vitamin D is something most Americans are lacking and it’s been linked to many physical and emotional ailments (specifically depression) so make sure you get your daily allotted 15 minutes of sun exposure. If this is impossible, take a daily vitamin. Take the kids to the zoo, see the animals, take a short drive over to the beach or lake….enjoy what mother Nature has to offer.

Tateossian Turtle Cufflinks

Take these Tateossian Turtle Cufflinks little with you for good luck, a bright spring color, and a whimsical reminder of the simpler things in life.

Take a road trip…preferably Jack Kerouac style, but we can’t all hitchhike our way West (or East). This means, letting it all go, packing ONE bag, filling up the tank, and just going. Stop at diners, visit local monuments, spend the night at camp grounds (preferably with showers). This Freeway Green Tateossian Cufflink reminds us of the importance of the open road, the vivid colors of nature, and the sleek austerity of the speeding, moving vehicle. Tateossian designed this cufflink with exactly that in mind.

Tateossian Freeway Green Cufflinks

And while you’re doing all this nature walking and bi-coastal traveling, make sure you bring a compass. Mapquest isn’t accessible everywhere and you may find yourself without wifi or a printer handy. (That’s the point, right?) if you really want to go old school, and have trouble navigating by the stars alone, try this functional Tateossian Compass Cufflink.

Tateossian Compass Rhodium Cufflinks
Visit a museum. If you are blessed enough to live in a Metropolis, take heed of all the art events taking place around your city. In NYC for example, there is an amazing Stein Collection on exhibit until June 3rd, 2012, featuring some never-before-seen-together Matisse, Picasso, Renoir, and others’ paintings. The collection is one of a kind and a must see. Similarly, at the 42nd Street Library there’s a famous Shelley Exhibit, honoring the life of the rogue/poet/lover/revolutionary Percy Shelley. Whatever it is…go to a museum this spring, preferably on a rainy day, and take in the beauty of Modern Art and public exhibits (normally free!)

Tateossian Traforato Blue Pebble Cufflinks

Secondly create something yourself. If you’re not an artist, or have absolutely no flair for artistic creation, think of your wardrobe as assembling a masterpiece–carefully select everything “beautiful” from your socks to your cuffs. You will then be a walking Renoir, but since he rarely painted men, you probably won’t have all the curves.

Are you a connoisseur of cufflinks?

Wednesday, September 7th, 2011

There are connoisseurs everywhere you look these days. Some connoisseurs have a sophisticated palette, and they enjoy eating at fancy restaurants and tasting upscale foods. Other connoisseurs collect bottles of wine, and they appreciate the subtleties of different blends. A connoisseur is someone who has a great deal of knowledge and appreciation for something sophisticated and revered, such as food, wine and fine art. Most connoisseurs are eager to share that knowledge with anyone who will listen. (Too bad there’s not a category for a connoisseur of football.) If you are a connoisseur of something, why not take a look at our selection of Connoisseur Cufflinks? We have a wide array of sophisticated Connoisseur Cufflinks to choose from, including these beautiful and classic Mona Lisa Cufflinks.

Mona Lisa Cufflinks

For any connoisseur of fine art, these cufflinks are a must-have. They look like an exact replica of the painting made famous by Leonardo da Vinci. But it really doesn’t matter what your connoisseur specialty may be, what matters most is that you honor it. And what better way to honor your connoisseur specialty than with a pair of cufflinks? You may even be a connoisseur of cufflinks, which means that you know when cufflinks were invented, who invented them, and why they have become so popular. It also means that you have a very prominent cufflink collection. The only pair of cufflinks that are missing are Connoisseur Cufflinks. So purchase a new pair today.