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Around Town in NYC: Burlesque Shows

If you’re lucky enough to live in New York City, you have a wide range of activities to do at literally any time of the day and night. During the holiday season, there’s an influx seasonal charm and events that bring in tourists from all over the world. One of our favorite things to do here at Cufflinksman is to enjoy an evening of burlesque.

Fall's Hottest Entertain: Burlesque Shows

Fall’s Hottest Entertain: Burlesque Shows

Now if you’ve never been to a real Burlesque show, you may have the wrong idea. Burlesque is one of the most beautiful forms of dancing and late night entertainment for adults. While we wouldn’t recommend you take the kiddies to an after hours show, or any such show before the age of 16, for those cosmopolitan 20-80 something’s, it can be the perfect night out.

Hand Painted Penny Cufflinks

Hand Painted Penny Cufflink

Normally the prominent theme at a Burlesque show is 1920s flair and fashion. Think Old Fashioned and Manhattan cocktails (possibly even served in a coffee mug for authenticity), short bobbed haired women, loads of pearls, jazz shoes, and Billie Holiday-esque music.

Some burlesque shows only happen a few times a year, like the venue at The Triad Theater, which features dancers from “around the world.” Think Indian Princesses, Spanish Beauties, African Warriors, Hawaiian Hula Dances–all collaborated in a perfectly timed and thoroughly entertaining Burlesque show.

Petroleum Stamp Cufflinks, Vintage

Petroleum Stamp Cufflinks, Vintage

If you’re bringing a date, make sure you dress for the occasion. For men, skinny ties, shiny loafers, fitted slacks, impeccable facial grooming, and slick hair. Ladies, opt for pearls, side hats, jazz shoes with a low heel, and loose dresses that go below the knee. Maybe even add a little garter belt for an evening treat!

Theater Masks Cufflinks

Theater Masks Cufflinks


Check out some of our FAVORITE Burlesque spots in NYC:
The Box
189 Chrystie St, Manhattan, NY
(212) 982-9301

The Slipper Room
167 Orchard St, New York, NY
(212) 253-7246

Le Scandal, New York City’s long-running variety burlesque show!
Le Scandal has moved! After a very long and successful run at the Cutting Room, the venue has closed. Visit our new digs: downstairs at The West Bank Cafe in …

Or check out Time Out New York’s Favorite:








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