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Flu Season is back. What would Grandma do?

Monday, October 17th, 2011

You’re grandmother can’t always be around to lull you into a mid-afternoon nap when you have the sniffles. You still have to manage to get up at the crack of dawn, fight traffic (and not fellow subway riders), and make it through the day. The flu season is coming, or more precisely, it’s already here. When you feel that body ache arising, here are some remedies to dull the seasonal beast:

Trust me, I’m a Doctor Cufflinks

DRINK TEA. Go to the nearest Chinatown and buy tea in bulk. You can get restaurant quality tea for under $4. We like to mix Oolong, Green tea, and two teaspoons of honey for a cold-remedy mix.

Aymara Green Tea Leaf Butterfly Cufflinks

DRINK CLEAR FLUIDS. You’re mother always said this one, didn’t she? Well she was right. Cleanse the body of its toxins by flushing out your system. Replenish your body’s water content constantly, keep everything fresh, hence the emphasis on clear liquids.

DRINK WARM WHISKEY. Yes, that was no typo. Contradicting our previous tip, one of Grandma’s tricks, before lozengers and NyQuil, was good old fashioned whiskey.

RECIPE: Boil Water. Add fresh ginger slices and cloves. Steep Chamomile tea in water. Add one shot of Whiskey. Add a few teaspoons of honey.

You’ll definitely sleep well!

Caduceus Medical Cufflinks, CLM

Caduceus Medical Cufflinks, CLM

The weather has been, to put it mildly, moody. First it’s hot, then it’s cold, then it’s warm with a breeze…Over the past two weeks we’ve been exposed to these weather extremes and they’re not the best for our body regulations. BUNDLE UP. It’s better to be slightly warm and to sweat out toxins, rather than keep them swarming around inside you. The cold air chills and drifts are bad news for muscle aches and head colds. So keep the body and attached muscles happy and warm this season.

Tender Autumn Wind, Italian Silk and Wool Scarf

Tender Autumn Wind, Italian Silk and Wool Scarf

And as an added bonus, here are some sweet coats we’ve found for this season. This barn coat is ultra cool and relaxed, and the “mustard” color is the hottest color this season.

Bodie Mountain® Barn Coat, Eddie Bauer: $149

Another trend? VESTS. Whowouldathunk? Keeps the arms free, chest warm, and can be paired with almost any casual dress. They also comein some pretty fun colors, like bright orange. This is a toned down version from Ralph Lauren:

Polo Ralph Lauren Quilted Vest $225.00