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Wear your heart on your sleeve

Friday, August 26th, 2011

Most men are afraid to show their true emotions and feelings, because they don’t want to be perceived as “weak” or “too sensitive.” But we aren’t living in the Stone Age anymore, and it’s become far more acceptable (even desirable) for men to be open and honest with their feelings. Some men just have a hard time expressing themselves and could use a little help now and again. If you are the kind of guy who has a hard time articulating your feelings, then maybe a new pair of cufflinks will help? We aren’t just talking about any cufflinks, though. If you really want to wear your heart on your sleeve, then you need a pair of Sterling Heart Cufflinks.

Sterling Heart Cufflinks

Exquisitely designed by New York State Seal Cufflinks one of the most recognizable names in cufflinks, these beautiful yet simple Sterling Heart Cufflinks will say a lot about the type of guy you are inside and out. As far as fashion goes, the modern black-faced design pair with Sterling Silver shows that you care about fashion and that you have a great sense of style. As far as feelings are concerned, these cufflinks show that you are open-minded, kind, sophisticated and caring. When you are wearing a pair of Sterling Heart Cufflinks, you won’t have to walk up to a woman and tell her how sensitive you are. She’ll know — just by looking at your wrists. It’s literally the best way to wear your heart on your sleeve.