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Vintage cufflinks make a memorable fashion statement

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

Vintage collections aren’t just for women anymore. There are plenty of vintage men’s clothing and accessories that are just as popular and fashionable. In fact, you probably already own a few vintage T-shirts and have them hanging in your closet right now. Vintage is something that will never go out of style, because in the world of fashion old designs and styles often come back around again. It’s the way the cycle of fashion works. Thankfully, there are plenty of vintage men’s accessories for you to choose from, including cufflinks.


Many cufflink designers offer vintage cufflinks or collections, because the vintage category is so popular. Take Daniel Dolce for example, a high fashion cufflink designer with impeccable taste and an eye for fashion. In his unique array of cufflinks, he offers a vintage selection as well. This pair of Daniel Dolce Vintage Cufflinks offers an exquisite design with vintage appeal. If you don’t have a pair of vintage cufflinks in your current cufflink collection, then these Daniel Dolce vintage inspired cufflinks would make a great addition. You can wear vintage with almost anything, but it’s best to sport vintage cufflinks at formal affairs and weddings. You wouldn’t wear vintage cufflinks to a work party or a birthday party. There’s a certain class and esteem that goes hand-in-hand with vintage, and it should be respected as such. If you are going to spend the money on vintage cufflinks, then you should only wear them on special occasions.

Rhodium is the new silver

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

Forget about silver and forget about gold. These days, rhodium is the metal of choice for cufflink designers. Popular designers such as Ravi Ratan often use rhodium to sculpt unique designs. Rhodium is a lot more durable than silver, so it can endure more wear and tear. This means that rhodium cufflinks will last longer than regular cufflinks. Rhodium is also easier to work with in the designing process, which is why so many designers use it to create novelty cufflinks.  Rhodium cufflinks also resemble sterling silver, because they look just as stunning and beautiful. However, you’ll spend a lot less on a pair of Rhodium Cufflinks than you would on a pair of sterling silver cufflinks. With today’s economy, it’s no wonder that rhodium cufflinks are so popular. UK Business Directory

Silver Love Knot Cufflinks


Lucky for you, we have an extensive collection of affordable rhodium cufflinks featuring designs from Ravi Ratan as well as other designers. Whether you want a classic and clean pair or a novelty pair instead, we have it in our inventory. Take a look at our collection of rhodium cufflinks and you’ll find what you’re looking for. From modern styles to letters and numbers, we have it all. You might even like these Silver Love Knot Cufflinks, which resemble the classic silk knot cufflink style of old. They are unique, clean and affordable — and they are also made from rhodium! Stock up on as many pairs of rhodium cufflinks as you wish, because we have plenty of styles and designs to choose from.