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Cufflinks for the nature-lover in you

Friday, August 19th, 2011

You don’t have to be a modern city guy to wear cufflinks. Even guys who live out in the country have to get dressed up now an again. In fact, we have a pair of cufflinks for every type of guy there is. Whether you live in a big city and work in a high-profile job or you are a nature-lover that loves to hike in the woods and run trails — we have the perfect pair of cufflinks for you. There’s plenty of design inspiration in nature, which is why so many upscale cufflink designers create cufflinks that relate to nature, animals and earthly stones.

Aymara Autumn Leaf Butterfly Cufflinks


For example, air animals such as butterflies and ladybugs have inspired countless designs. Butterfly wings are intricate works of art and each pair is unique. If you’re a nature-lover, then there’s no reason why you can’t show off your love for Mother Earth and everything in it with a pair of beautiful Aymara Autumn Leaf Butterfly Cufflinks. The wings on these cufflinks look so real that you’d think that they were about to fly off of your wrist. As a nature-lover, you might not want to get dressed up in formal wear that often. But it’s a social requirement, whether it’s for a fancy dinner date or a formal affair. At least you can make sure that you are wearing a fun pair of cufflinks to remind you of the beauty of nature — even when you aren’t actually out walking through the woods.